CSR Assessments

Social Labor Rights Assessments

What is CSR?

CSR means taking responsibility for the effects of your business activities on the world around you. It also means respecting people, animals, the environment and society.

What is a CSR assessment?

A CSR assessment is an evaluation of how well a company has integrated corporate social responsibility (CSR) into its business.

By undertaking a CSR assessment, you can better understand how your company performs in relation to your peers and will be able to provide valuable information to your customers and other stakeholders. Many large corporations now incorporate CSR into their brand image, making Supply Chain Sustainability, and social ethics just as important as the products they sell.

ETI Base Code

Taking a unique approach to business and human rights by joining ETI, a company agrees to demonstrate a clear commitment to ethical trade, to integrate ethical trade into core business practices, and to tackle any issues that arise in the supply chain.

We influence business to act responsibly and promote decent work. Together, we tackle the complex challenges of today’s global supply chains, improving the lives of workers worldwide.